Applications & Forms


The Land Services Office will only be accepting applications, materials, and payments via mail, email, and a county designated drop site located at the bottom of the entrance steps of the Mille Lacs County Historic Courthouse. All Mille Lacs County Offices will be closed to the public effective 8:00a.m.Wednesday March 18, 2020 until further notice. __________________________________________________________________________________________________

The following is a list of applications and forms, including companion documents, that explain in more detail each process and requirement(s).

For land use application questions, send email Jackie Struffert or call 320-983-8308. Please mail all applications (including any required fees (PDF)) to:
Mille Lacs County
Land Services Office
635 2nd Street SE
Milaca, MN 56353

ApplicationCompanion Document
Building Permit Application (PDF)Property Owner Waiver for Building Code (PDF)
Application for a Certificate of Allowed Use - Zoning Permit (PDF)How Do I Apply for a Certificate of Allowed Use? (PDF)
911 Address Application (PDF)N/A
Application for an Administrative Subdivision (PDF)How Do I Apply for an Administrative Subdivision? (PDF)
Application for a Variance (PDF)How Do I Apply for a Variance? (PDF)
Agricultural Building Certification (PDF)Permit Exemption Policy (PDF)
Application for a Conditional Use Permit (PDF)How Do I Apply for a Conditional Use Permit? (PDF)
Application for a Plat (PDF)N/A
Application for a Certificate for a Non-Conforming Use of Structure (PDF)
How Do I Apply for a Certificate for a Non-Conforming Use or Structure? (PDF)
Application for a Home Occupation or Home Based Business (PDF)N/A
Application to Rezone Property (PDF)N/A