Recycling Services

Starting January 1, 2020 Mille Lacs County recycling drop sites will have new hours and locations. Recycling drop sites will be located in Isle, Milaca, Onamia, and Princeton; three of the four drop sites will have 24 hour availability, and all drop sites will accept single-sort recycling.

Recyclables are transported to the Dem-Con facility in Shakopee, Minnesota where the recyclables are separated, baled, and transported to market. The sorting and separating is done mechanically at the Dem-Con facility so you don’t have to, just place it loosely in the container. Because of this mechanical sorting process boxes must be broken down and no plastic bags are allowed. This short video shows how Dem-Con separates the different types of recycling at their facility. 

Hours, Locations & Acceptable Materials

View a list of recycling hours, locations, and acceptable materials (PDF).

Recycling Reminders

  • Place all recyclables loosely in the recycling container - no plastic bags. Plastic bags and films can be brought to participating businesses (
  • Break down cardboard boxes.
  • Make sure recyclable materials are clean and dry.
  • Place caps back on all recyclables after they’re emptied.
  • Only deposit materials that are on the accepted materials list.
  • If you see someone actively dumping materials that aren’t accepted, please contact local law enforcement. If you see unacceptable materials that have already been dumped, please contact Environmental Resources at (320) 983-8325.